Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Girlfriend's Get-Away!

How inconsiderate of me to not say "Good-bye" when I last was here. But, then, I really didn't know at that time I would be gone so long.

Time seems to have passed so quickly this summer. I've been away some. Barbados was our big trip so far this year. However, an upcoming trip to Canada is now the most exciting thing to happen.

Five blogging gals are going to Canada to visit Claudie at her sweet riverside cottage and cabana in Plantagenet, Ontario. We'll also spend a couple days in Montreal! Together, we are known as the "Summer Breeze Girls".

Jeanne and Julie will be there. I've spent time with both and can't wait to see them again.

I'm looking forward to meeting lovely ladies CC and Wendy.

Claudie has planned so much for us to enjoy while there. We're going to kick up our heels and let down our hair and just have a memorable time. I'm sure I'll be back in August to tell you all about it!

You can visit Claudie's blog now to see some of what she's doing to welcome us!