Monday, June 21, 2010

Finding beauty in simple things

The dandelions and buttercups

Gild all the lawn; the drowsy bee

stumbles among the clover tops,

and summer sweetens all to me.

~J.R. Lowell 1869~

Have you ever looked closely at a clover flower - a weed?

Have you ever taken a real look at a sweat bee?

Take time to look for beauty where you would least expect it.

Photos in this post are my property

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Loves

I'm spending some happy time with my grandchildren.

I'll be back in just a few days!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

~Pink Saturday Birdcage~

A while back, I bought a bright blue bird cage from Jenny at
I have very, very little blue in my home,
so......I decided to paint it pink - Sweet Pea pink to be exact.

I tried to add things that mean a lot to me.

Sheet music reminds me of my dad.

I lined the floor with a pretty pink doily from Suzanna's

I pulled some pink and cream pearls from my jewelry box

and draped them from a blingy cup
that my daughter gave me, then,
I nestled a sweet nest and bird in the cup.

I gathered some of my favorite things from around the house.

I added three pretty little china saucers to remind me of my mother.

I added a pink-winged fairy to watch over all,

added some shiny crystals all around and topped it off with a tassel.


If you love pink, you are so going to enjoy visiting all the ladies who have opened up their blogs to you today. They are waiting with open arms. Don't forget to leave a sweet comment to let them know you were there!

OH! Before you return to Beverly's Pink Saturday list, please visit
Marie Arden Pink Living.
Marie is a Southern girl "with an eye for pink
and for pretty homes and gardens".
She has a wonderful sense of style.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello, there! Guess who's here?


It's been such a long, long time since I've joined in the fun with Miss Beverly and all you Pink Saturday gals. I've so missed you all. Since I last did a blog post, I've been in West Virginia and Pennsylvania and we've lost a dear member of our family.

I have tried to visit as many Pink Saturday bloggers as possible these last few weeks. Now, it's time for me to show off some of my home's pinks once again.

I have wanted a room divider screen for several years. Nothing seemed to have caught my eye until this past week. I was visiting Affordable Chic here in town, when there it was! It was my colors and it was lovely.

I never wanted a screen that would used for a room divider...just something to add somewhere in our home that would make a statement. I think this is it!

Our little girl, Olivia, has taken a fancy our new decor. I've caught her cozied up in front of it several times.

Take note of the little pink teapot...a sweet gift from my cousin in West Virginia. She seems to always know just what I like.

Do you see the pretty embroidered and crocheted pillowcase folded under the teapot and books? It is one of a pair that belonged to my dear mother. I just don't have the heart to stick in my linen closet.

The wooden chest that I use for a side table beside a chair is decorated with painted pink roses.

The bucket of flowers...well, they are fake, but they are pink and I love them. I have no problem with pretty fake flowers. Of course, I would rather have fresh, but unless I visit the florist everyday... fake will do.

Like Olivia, I have taken a fancy to my new screen. I just love the way it looks sitting in front of part of our living room window.

Before you leave, let me tell you about a blogger I found on The Pink Saturday list last Saturday.
She is Komali at
Entertaining From An Ethnic Indian Kitchen.
She's a tablescaper, gardener, flower arranger, author of her own book.
When you visit her beautiful blog, go to her sidebar and click on "Tablescape" to see the most gorgeous tablesettings.
If you love Indian foods, as I do, look at her easy to follow recipes.
Tell her Deborah sent you.

Wishing you all a very happy