Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

It's FRIDAY and it's time for

Posting their favorite family photo today are these ladies...if your name is not here, please email me and I will edit to add your name.

MARY at Across The Pond

VANESSA at Vanilla Lavender

JEANNE at Backyard Neighbor

DAWN at Dawn's Daybreak

DIANE at A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

SCHOTZY at Wings of Eagles

Thank you all for joining me in posting your family photos.

My photo for today is this picture of my daddy. "Daddy" may sound a bit childish, but that's what I called him. He called me "Little girl" until I was fifty-five years old. I miss that.

Daddy had a small swing band in the 30's called The Novelty Swingsters. He played mandolin, guitar and banjo in the band. Outside the band he played piano and accordian. Music was always a part of Daddy's life.

This photo was taken from an old home movie. That old film is the only visual I've had of his band. It seems that no photographs exist.

Below is a dance ticket admitting one to a Halloween dance at Owens-Illinois glass factory where Daddy's band was playing that evening.

Please take a few minutes to visit those who have posted their favorite family photo and leave a comment.

As my five-year old granddaughter Kathryn says, "Grandma, photographs are for memories, you know". No truer words have ever been spoken.


I'm back after being away for almost two weeks. I'm so happy to see that many of you 'carried-on' with your Favorite Family Foto post on the Fridays that I was away.

If you plan to post you photo tomorrow, will you please email me? You will find my email address near the top of my sidebar.

I hope to see you tomorrow!

Friday, July 18, 2008

'home' - where one's heart is

I'm going home...

I'm leaving for West Virginia this morning - the place I was born and where I still have dear family. I do believe that anyone born a West Virginian, always keeps it as their 'home' no matter where they might roam; and so, it is with me - West Virginia is where my heart is.

I will be gone at least a week, perhaps longer. I leave you with this video of The Mountaineer State and I do hope you will see it's beauty as I do.

Until then,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Friday is almost here...

Besides the fact that I have a three-year old and a 5-year old here this week until Thursday evening - taking them to school, swim lessons and ballet - I am also flying out-of-state Friday morning.

I'm wondering if I should forego FFFF this week and next week, as I will not be back home in time to post links next Friday also.

You who want to, could certainly go ahead and post your photo. Let your reader's know that you plan to do that so they won't miss it.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"The Earth Laughs in Flowers..."

...Ralph Waldo Emerson

I won't be around a lot this week. My grandson and granddaughter are staying with us until Thursday evening. They will be in school and swim lessons and ballet - I'm going to be doing a lot of running.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures that I took.


Please do not copy these photos for your own use. Thanks!

~Cotton Candy & Little Girls~

"Pink is the soft, sweet side of red. It's cotton candy and bubble gum and babies, and especially little girls."

This PINK SATURDAY picture is my granddaughter and her friend just after ballet class.

Friday, July 11, 2008

~Favorite Family Foto~

I love old photos and this is one of my favorites.

The little girl in the middle is my Granny Clara right after she was orphaned at age eight and raised by my Great Aunt whose given name was Julia June Geraldine Anna Marie. She was just Aunt June to the whole family. The lady on the left is Aunt June's mother, my Great Great Grandmother Mimi. She was French and spoke no English.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Favorite Family Foto Fun

Tomorrow is Friday and these friends have emailed me to let me know that they will be posting a favorite family photo:

VANESSA at Vanilla Lavender

MARY at Across The Pond

SHAYLA at Diary of Artist Shayla Perreault Newcomb

SHARRON at Vintage Girl at Heart

LORI at Oodles of Noodles

JEANNE at Backyard Neighbor

DAWN at Dawn's Daybreak

DIANE at A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Be sure to see their favorite family photo tomorrow!

I will add more to the list if anyone else would like to join us. Let me know!

It's all about me!

Photo taken and enhanced by Me

I was tagged by DEVONIA
at Many Shades of Shabby to post seven things about me that you might not know.
Devonia is a painter of romantic florals on vintage furniture and accessories.
Click on "Art Gallery" and "DIY Projects" at the top of her sidebar to see some of her gorgeous work.

Here we go:

1. I love to turn up the music and dance while I’m cleaning house.

2. I’ve never drank a cup of coffee.

3. I love to shop online.

4. I like to go to movies by myself.

5. I wear earplugs at night.

6. I am inspired to write when I fly ... on planes, that is.

7. I loved to climb trees as a child.

Now that you all know a little about me, I want to know a little about some of you! So I'm tagging:

RHONDA - my very talented artist cousin.

FRANCIE - she's having a contest!

DONNA - - she lives in an Enchanted Cottage.


Now you three gals should do the following:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag a few bloggers at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


REMINDER: If you would like to take part in Friday's Favorite Family Foto, email me by tomorrow - you will find my email address near the top of my sidebar. Many of you have furry family members - don't forget their pictures!

Monday, July 7, 2008

~Welcome, Rhonda!~

I would like to introduce you all to a new blogger who happens to be a distant cousin of mine. Her name is RHONDA and she is an exceptional artist.

I believe my favorites of her paintings are the ballerinas. You will find a slideshow of them on her sidebar.

Also take a look at her Florals and Still Life slideshow - take note of how the metals shine and reflect in such a real way.

I promise, you will be impressed with her work.

Now go and myspace graphic comments
her to Blogland!


Just a reminder to those of you who would like to join me in Friday's Favorite Family Foto fun (whew!)... let me know before Friday by emailing me. You will find my email near the top of my sidebar. I will post your link so others will visit your blog.

If you would like to borrow the little photo album button on my sidebar, you are most welcome to do so.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm tickled pink... be part of Pink Saturday!

Your host for PINK SATURDAY is BEVERLY at How Sweet The Sound. Visit her to see who else is participating.

Pink Flamingos at the Abilene Zoo in Abilene, Texas
May 2008

"Why are flamingos pink?
Feather color varies with species, ranging from pale pink to crimson or vermilion. Caribbean flamingos have the brightest coloration: crimson or vermilion. The Chilean flamingo is pale pink.
A flamingo's pink or reddish feather color comes from its diet, which is high in alpha and beta-carotene. People eat beta-carotene when they eat carrots."


I love when we all come together to post on a specific topic such as Pink Saturday, so I'm trying to get bloggers together to post their favorite family photo on Fridays. Won't you join me? You could post a current picture or something from the past. I just posted my first Friday's Favorite Family Foto yesterday. Check it out below. It's so cute!

Email me before each Friday to let me know if you would like to participate. I will post your link and invite others to visit your post.

Please join me! It will be fun!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

I just can't go on, Mommy!
June 2005

One hot day in June, 2005, I went for lunch & shopping with daughter & her children. My granddaughter, Kathryn, was two and a half at the time.

You have to understand that her mommy and her grandma love to shop and I believe we overdid it a little that day. Kathryn had a quiet meltdown and refused to move from her cool spot on the floor of the mall! People just stopped and talked with her. One elderly man was so cute...he said he wished he could just lie down right there, also.

Kathryn is now five and a half and has become a seasoned shopping diva herself. She will go at the drop of a charge card!

I would never have this picture had I not had my camera in my purse! I can't wait until she sees this when she's older.

~~~~~~~Yesterday, I was telling Kathryn how much I missed her when I was away for over two weeks. I told her I set a picture of her on the bedroom dresser and it was the last thing I looked at before going to bed at night and the first thing I saw when I woke. She replied to me, "Grandma, you know that photographs are for memories".
Yes, my darling, they are!
She just melts my heart!

If any of you would like to be a part of Friday's Favorite Family Foto, please let me know! You can find my email at the top of my sidebar. Let me know before each Friday and I will add your link so that others can visit your post.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I received a most wonderful array of tea-time gifts from blogger friend ALICE yesterday!

Alice is the 'hostess with the mostess' at
Every day you will find new tea party ideas, menus and recipes from Alice.

Some time ago, I participated in Alice's Pay-It-Forward.
Alice promised to send me a surprise gift sometime during the next year and she did!
It was like receiving a tea party in the mail!

Alice even included a CD of soothing, relaxing classical music, perfect for a tea party.
Tchaikovsky at Tea Time - A Refreshing Blend for Body and Spirit.
This is music that suits my taste to a 'tea'!

Golden Mudan tea wreaths
"Long black leaves blended with golden tips to form a beautiful wreath. The liqour is a pale brown. The aroma has honey notes with hints of chocolate."

Note the lovely "Five O'clock Tea" napkins! Aren't they pretty? I love them!

Alice, thank you for this lovely book
"Taking Tea at The Savoy"
"To take tea at The Savoy is to combine tradition with all the elegance and sophistication that befits one of London’s great hotels. Anton Edelmann, The Savoy’s Maître Chef des Cuisines, offers exquisite recipes with tales that conjure up leisure time in a bygone era, set against the romantic story of tea and its journey to the West. Here is afternoon tea at its most stylish—aromatic brews, delicate porcelain, impeccably presented dainties. Indulge in feather-light palmiers or cinnamon madeleines. Savor delicate cucumber sandwiches or fragrant honey and ham biscuits for an al fresco summer tea, or luscious cakes to chase away winter doldrums. Taking Tea at the Savoy is a book to inspire endless afternoons of delight."


I added this beautiful scented teacup candle and bee spoon for a little ambiance. I got these from Francie at THE SCENTED COTTAGE.

I thank you from the bottom of my teacup, Alice! I would have picked any of these items for myself - you know me well!