Friday, November 30, 2007


Recently some of our friends have been posting the view
from their bedroom windows. Here is what we see from our
bedroom window at the rear of our home.

No, we haven't even moved our outdoor furniture in for the winter.
...and we don't bother to rake the leaves either! Aren't they beautiful?

Quite unlike Hitchcock's thriller "Rear Window", all we see are woods and animals.
This time of year we often see deer.
We've seen fox, peacocks and peahen and plenty of snakes.

We can see our gazebo and fishpond just beside it.

...the back of the birdbath water fountain next to a patio and walkway.
Believe me, there is a walkway under all those leaves!

...looking toward one of our livingroom windows.

The only part of our back that stays green is all the ivy
...or where the snakes are in the summer!

What do you see from your bedroom window?


Old Wom Tigley said...

I wish that was my view... I see the tops of my sheds, and a rundown garden. Beyond is a unkept small field which dose however attract the wildlife I'm so fond of seeing.
Your view is beautiful, made all the better for the leaves

Anonymous said...

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Take care!
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