Friday, January 4, 2008

~Winter Whites~

I see I almost forgot how to post - it's been THAT long! It's good to be back and I hope I can post at least a couple times a week.

Here in Raleigh, we haven't had but a few snow flurries ... actually I didn't even see them - guess they got lost in all the trees around here. I love seeing everything covered in snow and I love winter white collections. If not for our two kitties and visiting grandchildren, I would love to have more white in my home.
As opposed to crisp, beachy summer whites, winter whites are so richly creamy and warm....more of a mellowed white.

Penchants, Ponderings and Posies is having a Winter White Giveaway! Step over and see what you can win!

Hope to be back this weekend ... perhaps a giveaway?!!!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Beautiful whites!
We may not have snow here in Alabama, but it is colder than an outhouse.
(how cold is that anyway?)

Maureen said...

Very lovely Winter Whites! Thanks so much for participating and passing the word along! We've had some flurries here in Georgia too! Brrr!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Beautiful Whites! I love whites and creams...and want to come over for an afternoon nap on that gorgeous bed!

Happy New Year, Deborah...wishing you all the blessings your cup can hold this year.
xo Lidy

Mary said...

So pleased to see you back Deborah - Bob just asked last night if I'd heard from you. We speak of you often and hope this New Year is going to bring you only good things. Don't forget, we're here when you need us.

Love those pics of the fireplace and bedroom - I just got up but would be snuggling right back if that was my room!

Gradually getting my house back in order - but then need to start on some painting - plan to do the guest room, hallway and some bits of furniture.

Best wishes dear - hope to see you again soon - and hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book ~ that is wonderful. I love winter white, too.

nannykim said...

Whites can be peaceful. Thanks for sharing those pictures. (Hey, my daughter lives in Durham!! Not far from you I guess!!) We haven't gotten any fluries here in SC where I am--but the temps have been in the low 20's!! Back to the color thing---I guess I have to have color---I have looked at various schemes of white and they are kind of peaceful, but I just can't get the warm feeling out of it--I wonder what it says to us about our personalities. I had a red room for a while but the darkness of it got to me even though it gave a warmish feel to the room. I had to lighten up the room and chose a yellowish color which gives me light and warmth. One of my dining areas is an aqua color and I am still not certain about it---although I like the contrast of the white with it. All white...well guess if there are punches of color....white can look sophisticated. What kind of feel does it (the white) give you? Let me know.

NeereAnDear said...

Hi there... I am so glad that you entered my giveaway... What a beautiful idea.... I am thinking about doing some changes in my color scheme and adding a lot more whites but that is in the future....who knows... moods change...

I didnt know you were published ... cant wait to see and hear about your book... will be looking for stop by again soon


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Deborah!
Love the whites! Glad to see you back posting.
p.s sure, come stay in my lavender guest room :-)

Amy said...

Gosh lovely photos! Your house looks so cosy :-)

Rhondi said...

Your whites are great. You have some lovely pieces. Rhondi

Anonymous said...