Monday, March 17, 2008

~Musical Expessions~

I added a little to my music box vignette.  MARY, at Across the Pond, found the name of the melody Mother's music box plays!   It's "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.  She heard the tune playing while visiting HEIDI at Celebrate the Seasons.

My dear mother's favorite flower was the African Violet.  I just happened upon this pretty pink one in a delicate teacup/saucer set at, of all places, the grocery store!   Mother was so good in taking care of her violets...hope I can do the same for this one.    

MARY uses sheet music in her decor.   I borrowed that idea from her and have scattered some sheet music around my home now.   I feel so comfortable with that idea.  I grew up in a musical family.  My daddy played several stringed instruments, his favorite being the mandolin.   Mother sang all her life.     On a shopping trip to SuzAnna's last week with Mary, I found this wonderfully shabby candelabra complete with candles already melted in the most romantic way.   Again, I placed some sheet music beside it...any of you remember Liberace?   Kind of reminds me of him.   I found this beautiful metal basket at Michael's.   I love their new line of Cottage decor.   I sat this on top Daddy's piano along with his old book "Music and Romance".  In the basket, rolled sheet music "I Love You Truly" and "Rigoletto for Two Mandolins and Guitar."  The sketch of Beethoven you see peeking through is part of twenty etchings of great composers that belonged to Daddy.  Thank you for the inspiration, Mary!

I mentioned that Mother loved to sing and she did sing up until the very end. She could remember songs from many years ago, even though, at times, she could not remember what happened the day before. It brought great happiness to my heart hearing her joyfully sing.
I'm sharing this verse that I wrote for her eight months before she died this past December. This one's for you, Mother. I love you.

~~ Night’ngale ~~

Night’ngale, thy sweet beauty shan’t be captured
by winter’s coldhearted darkness.
Thy melancholy nightsong shan’t be caged.
My heart is overjoyed with thy rich melodious words.
Sing sweet Night’ngale, sing!

Copyright April 13, 2007


Mary said...

Yeah! It's all come together Deborah and looks perfect now! We did have a fun time - let's do it again in April.

As for the candelabra - I'm still kicking myself because YOU found it first!! It looks fabulous where you placed it - the candles are lovely and the rolled music a great extra touch - enjoy the loveliness.

Yes, I remember Liberace and always thought him the ultimate celebrity tinkling the ivories - even though a bit over the top!!

Have a great trip dear friend - see you soon.
Hugs - Mary.

Beverly said...

Deborah, I don't think it gets much better than teacups with roses and african violets. I think your mother must be smiling now.

I believe I am going to have to check out SuzAnna's after seeing you and Mary's postings.

CIELO said...

I truly enjoyed visitng your blog today... oh, that vignette is so lovely, your African Violet likes it there, it looks like!... I love your candelabra... just out of a magazine!

Have a beautiful day!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Everything looks so lovely!

Devonia said...

Love your creative use of vintage music sheets and that candlelabra - you're right - it's sooooooo Liberace!

Nan said...

What a beautiful and inspiring blog! Nan