Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

I've just returned from Colorado and I fell in love there. My first visit to that beautiful state has made an impression on my heart.

Mountains - how I love them. Being born a West Virginia girl, I am
naturally drawn to mountainous regions and their grandeur. I love both their strength and their gentleness.

Standing at the 14,110 feet summit of the famous Pike's Peak made me feel like a mere pin dot in this universe. I experienced the dizzying sensation of trying to take in air that was so much lighter than I was accustomed to. In spite of the 'touristy' atmosphere, I found the view to be more than awesome. It was a most beautiful day and the view took in surrounding states - yes, I could see Kansas in the far distance.

I have been most fortunate to travel the world, but there are so many sites I have yet to see - great ones, ancient ones, grand cities and remote villages. However, I look forward to seeing so much more of our beautiful United States and that includes, one day, returning to the great Rocky Mountains. There was so much more there that I didn't get the opportunity to see.

Where we waited for our ride to the top of the world

The cog-train track

Here comes our train and right on time!

Stacked boulders with the 'sleigh-rock'
sitting on the third boulder up

I loved the running waters

Pines stood with roots above the ground

Desolate land left as it is

Billions of broken boulders scattered as if thrown by a gigantic hand

We saw a little snow and deep valleys holding dark lakes

Water springs from rock's crevices

Mountain meadows

In 1893, a visitor to the summit of Pike's Peak (teacher Katharine Bates) was so inspired with it's beauty, that she wrote a poem that would become "America the Beautiful".


Vanessa said...

Hello dear! How have you been? I woud love to visit Colorado... my uncle lived there while he was in the military in the 1950's. He always says he really had a wonderful time up there. Hope you're doing just great! Hugs, Vanessa

pammiejo said...

I have to agree - I absolutely love the Rocky Mountains. Have been there many, many times - that was the "vacation spot" when I was a girl. Glad you enjoyed them. PAM

Beverly said...

Welcome home.

I haven't been out west, but I share your desire to visit many wonderful place in our country.

Angela said...

Hey Deborah!

I understand completely how the mountains seem to call us! I lived in Maryland for 4 years and we would drive to Harpers Ferry about every other month just to get our WV fix! lol I'm glad you got to experience the majesty of those mountains and it reminded you of home!

I've not been to Colorado but my husband has a many of a time as the company he works for has an office there. It scares me sometimes that they may want to close down the WV office and they would want us to move there. It looks beautiful but I won't leave my West Virginia mountains again!


claudie said...

Well well Miss Bee I do think your avoiding me!!!
Welcome home. What beauty for sure.
Your list did not include Canada?? I wonder why??
I will await your email or visit.
Love Claudie

jeanne said...

Hello Deborah, I was so happy to see your comment today. I have been busy all day with packing for a trip to MI. I will be gone for a week. Bill is staying home. I am visiting some elderly relatives and cousins. I have pre-posted for several days but visiting won't be possible. No one uses a computer where I'm going. LOL.

Your post is awesome. You really captured Pikes Peak and the sights to see on the mountain. When we were there this summer it was so cold I couldn't stay outside. There was lots of snow. all your photos are very familiar. The cog railway trip was great. The air IS very thin up there. Colorado is very interesting and beautiful. I confess, I like these mountains better. I love the green and not so high.

Have a wonderful week Deborah.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

claudie said...

It's so nice to have you back Miss Bee.
Redneday is a good one. Not out of control silly like 10,000 participants lol just a nice little group. You could have done it with the train picture on this post.
Yes we saw the movie Julie & Julia ( i wrote it in the post, I guess you weren't paying attention lol).
The Tiffany's was shared by moi, Randy and Julie. She bought a cute change purse, which I know own, some Tiffany perfume, Randy bought himself a nice silver chunky ring, and I bought a double silver ring for my left hand ring finger. I also bought another charm. I'm thinking of going out to the guest cottage right now.. Randy is snoring like crazy, lack of sleep and other things. He's still not better. If I go I will take bella with me...cause I need a guard dog LOL
it's 12:30 and I got up to get away. Of course I had to check in... and there you were catching up.
I love it and you.
I'm still waiting for Randy to say "you can go visit your bloggy friends next month" I'm waiting.
Loved having all your comments. I will have to talk to you about my visit with my mom, and my poor sis was in ER with us all night long. She had a mild TIA stroke. It's all about the stupid hormone pills she's on. long story.
Love You Much
Love Claudie

ClassyChassy said...

Colorado is beautiful - loved it there when we vacationed years ago. But, there's no place like home!

Craig Miyamoto said...

What a magnificent trip that was! I've been to Colorado many times but have never traipsed around outside of Denver and Colorado Springs. Sure missed out, haven't I?

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Yes in deed Colorado is a beautiful state. I too fell in love with it and the prices of the homes. My husband travels to Colorado often and I will go with him from time to time.
Your photo's are wonderful.
Enjoy your day,

Montee said...

I love looking at all your pictures.