Monday, March 1, 2010


Tonight, we expect snow again.
Soon, my pretties, your little heads will rise
to meet the sun
and you will trumpet the coming of a new season.

Soon, it will be Spring and we will dance with the daffodils...soon.


Sue said...

And I thought my winter gardens had it tough this year in SoCal? Not nearly as cold as yours!
Take care, Sue

claudie said...

I think your poor daffodils and crocuses look very very sad. I will be very very sad if I see any snow when I get to N.C. Miss Bee
I'm praying hard, I really am for some nice warm winds to rest in your garden. Your pictures are so crisp!
Sending love

Craig Miyamoto said...

Great optimistic thoughts, Deborah. Everything eventually bursts through the cold and gloom of Winter.

Tobi Britton* said...

Thanks for visiting me deborah! I LOVE the wee little green heads peeking out of the snow!
Sparlky hugs, Tobi
ps you will probably like my "hurry up spring" post on thepinkfairycottage...especially if you like my "wait bob there's more! I will take "before pics" especially of my "huge lawn weed chia pet burial mound" aka- a pile of topsoil from last spring!