Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Visit To An Urban Homestead

I was so delighted to see a sign along side a nearby street that read "Local Honey" and a phone number. I've been searching for REAL local honey. Could this be any more local?...just a little over a mile from my own home?! You must have heard that a teaspoon of local honey a day is good for warding off those pesky allergies that so many of us suffer with. For that very reason, I was searching for local honey.

I called the number and the next day I was greeted at the 'farmhouse' door by a most friendly lady, Amelia, and her dog Duke. She invited me right in and showed me the honey she and her husband had gathered from their hives. I picked a light colored honey and a darker one. They are just wonderful! Amelia educated me some about bees. I told her about how my name, Deborah, means bee and she already knew!
Then I mentioned my blog...she has a BLOG and WEBSITE!

A delightful aroma was wafting from her kitchen where she was canning tomatoes from her garden. I felt so at home here. The farmhouse was a home that I had passed most everyday for many years - just not where it is today. It was moved not far from a main road for the sake of progress. The home is still in the city and that limits how many animals they can have. They are hoping to find a large farm where the animals can roam.

I was so happy when she asked if I would like to see her goats. Mama is expecting soon and Amelia invited me back to see the new additions when they arrive and regretfully before they have to be sold because of city laws.

This is beautiful Bella, the baby of the family. Look at this precious face!

Bella again

These are Bella's parents - a handsome couple

Bella's family gifted Amelia and her family with goat milk from which they create soaps, body washes....I bought a delicious Almond body wash and a heavenly Lavender body wash. Amelia gave me a goat's milk wash for my husband who had terribly itchy dry skin. She said it calms the skin.

Now, this is the real reason I went to this lovely urban farmhouse - the honey!

This is the darker of the honeys and it is soooo good!

Amelia recommended this one for biscuits.

You can't tell much of a difference in the pictures, but this one is much lighter.

Amelia says I should sweeten my tea with this one and I will!

I'm looking forward to visiting Amelia at Uddermost Farm.

Now, this is not Amelia, but she is just as lovely.

I was so intrigued with Uddermost Farm that I didn't take pictures of her cinnamon colored chickens and "other sorts". You can read about the ”other sorts” on her blog. I didn't get pictures of her lovely little garden or the hives! What was I thinking?!

UPDATE: Just as I am finishing up this blog post, Amelia called me and invited me to come over and be a beekeeper this evening!! I am on top of the world with excitement!

More to come!


Rebecca said...

How lovely! Goats and bees and honey sound like the recipe for a magical place. Have fun beekeeping! :)

Oh! And let us know if the honey helps your allergies. I'll take honey over Sudafed anyday. ;)

Craig Miyamoto said...

What a wonderful adventure you had. The best ones are those that last and last, bringing enjoyment over and over again. It sounds like you came upon one that will stay with you for a long, long time to come. Congratulations! *Hug hug*

claudie said...

Your going to be a bee keeper Miss Bee? How cool is that?
Of course Bella stole my heart, and little Amelia has a bee in her bonnet lol
Wish I could be there to have some tea with that honey in it.
Funny thing, yesterday while out with Sister Lolotte, we visited her friends. They have bee hives, and I tasted fresh honey for the first time. See we were doing the same things together, just different places ; )
Sending you warm sunshine hugs.
Love You
Love Me

Keetha Denise Broyles said...


I came here because the pictures of the goats lured me in, and then I recognized your face, and then I saw your little scrolling markee and KNEW I was right!

UdderMost Farm Girl ~ said...

You were a wonderful beekeeper tonight ... a natural! You'll have to come back and help with extraction next week. Thank you so much for the tea towels!
the UdderMost Farm Girl, Amelia

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL we just got some local raw honey about two weeks ago ! It tastes like blueberries ummmmmyummmm. It does seem to be helping my allergies.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...
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Nancy said...

What a great time you had and sounds like the makings of a new friendship too!
I've been looking around for honey too as I've heard the same thing.
Bella is so cute. My in-laws just got a goat. It's so precious...named Gomer the Goat!