Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~Pink Gifting~

Do you love gifts?
I do!
Sometimes the wrapping is as beautiful as what is waiting inside.

Marie Arden knows about presenting a gift in a most elegant fashion. Marie is a pink lady - elegant herself.
She lives life to it's 'pinkest'!

Several weeks ago, Marie gifted me with the most beautifully wrapped box.

What was inside this box wrapped in lovely custom stamped pinky paper and tied up with snowflakes tethered to pink organza ribbons?

It was a beautiful book of watercolor drawings of Versailles bought by the pink lady herself in Paris!

If I remember correctly, she told me she's visited Paris around twenty-five times! (Correct me if I'm wrong, Marie.)

She also included a Creating Vintage Charm magazine.

Thank you, lovely Marie!

I have so enjoyed the book and magazine on these recent freezing days
while I've been trying to stay warm at home.

Have you met Marie?
Stop by and visit her at
Marie Arden Pink Living
Tell her Miss Bee sent you.
You will love her French inspirations.

We have another Pink Lady in Blogland - Miss Beverly of
How Sweet The Sound.
Each Saturday she hosts Pink Saturday. Join the fun!




The Quintessential Magpie said...

How lovely! I enjoyed seeing this so much...


Sheila :-)

Craig Miyamoto said...

What a wonderful gifter Miss Marie is! Lucky, lucky Deborah.

claudie said...

I was just visiting her site. She sure is a pinky.
LOVELY Miss Bee.
I'm glad you won her treasures.
LOVE your pretty doll. SWEET.
Love You
Love Me

Beverly said...

I was so excited to look this morning and find you here. You participated in Pink Saturday the second week. I love it that so many of the originals still participate. I know you are a pinky at heart.♥

Congratulations on your win. I love Marie, too. She is a wonderful lady.

Your little pink friend looks snuggly warm in her pretty pinks.

Happy Pink Saturday, Deborah.

Annesphamily said...

I love your post today! HPS! Marie is quite generous and you are very blessed and loved. What a terrific win! I will visit Marie next. Have a great weekend! Anne

Donnie said...

That is such a lovely design in the book. I love the sweater set on your doll too. Happy pink Saturday.

Genie said...

What a beautiful gift. I have been to Paris 4 times, and I love it dearly. You are fortunate, indeed, to have such a special friend. I know you about burst with glee when you opened your gift. The doll is the sweetest little girl with a precious outfit. Happy Pink Saturday.

Char said...

What a lovely gift you lucky girl. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Elizabeth and Gary said...

How wonderful to curl up with a new book gifted to you by one so in the pink...

Enjoy your day, Elizabeth

casch said...

Congratulations Miss Bee!

CareyAnn said...

Hi Miss Bee,
It is nice to meet you. Lovely pictures of the sky. I love wrapping paper also and believe the wrapping is as important as the gift. What a pretty doll and the watercolor book is right up my alley. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and it has been so nice to meet you. Come and visit anytime.