Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scenes from Abilene

We visited The Grace...there are three museums in the historic Grace Hotel -- The Art Museum, The History Museum and The Children's Museum. Built in 1909, The Grace is on the National Historic Register. It is a four-story, 55,000 square foot, missions-revival style building, representing the hopes of the western frontier.
The Grace Museum's Mallouf Boot shop is a recreation of local bootmaker Albert J. Mallouf's 1940s Brownwood, Texas Boot Shop.
The Grace History Museum featured rooms from the 20's, 30's, 40's. I was particularly drawn to the kitchens and especially to this kitchen table. It reminded me of my Granny who baked bread, roll, cakes and cookies every day.

This is GRACE NOTES...created by artist and musician Edward Weiss. This interactive sculpture is a life-size artwork of colors, shapes and sounds. It's brightly colored blocks and shapes are wooden touch pads designed for noise and hands-on play. We had plenty of fun here.


Abilene, Abilene
Prettiest town I ever seen.
Folks down there don't treat you mean
In Abilene, my Abilene.

I sit alone most every night
Watch them trains roll out of sight
Wish that they were carryin' me
To Abilene, my Abilene.

Crowded city, ain't nothin' free
Nothin' in this town for me
Wish to God that I could be
In Abilene, my Abilene.

How I wish that train would come
Take me back where I come from.
Take me where I want to be
In Abilene, my Abilene.

Rotgut whiskey numbs the brain
If I stay here I'll go insane.
Think I need a change of scene
To Abilene, my Abilene.

Outside my window cold rain falls,
Sit here starin' at the walls;
If I was home, I'd be serene
In Abilene, my Abilene.

Abilene is a 1963 song originally recorded by George Hamilton IV. Written by Bob Gibson and John D. Loudermilk.


Beverly said...

What a wonderful museum. I love seeing the pictures of kitchens of the past.

I'm glad you're back, and that you had a good trip.

Susie Q said...

It all looks wonderful! I was in Abilene but that was MANY years ago! 42 I think! But it would be fun to be there again. This museum looks amazing!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Welcome home!

I love museums like that one. So fun to see what the times were like so long ago.

Thanks for sharring those with us.

Mary said...

Welcome home dear - looks like you had a fun time. I don't think I've been to Abilene.

SuzAnna's has their ribbon cutting/grand opening of the new addition tomorrow evening - 7-9 PM - with wine tasting too! We will be there and perhaps my new Brazilian friend Vanessa from Durham (http://vanillalavender.
blogspot.com/)will come too.

It should be a fun time and I think we will be blessed with nice weather. Would love to see you there if you are up to it. I hope to arrive just before 7 PM to get a parking spot!

Hope all is well with the family - and especially you!
Hugs - Mary.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Thanks for stopping by! Do you mind if I mention your blog on my favorites?


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Looks like you had a good time in Abilene. I lived there about 28 years ago. We visited there @ Christmas & it was so grown up & crowded.

KJ said...

I just hit 50 and boy did the Retro impulse kick in big time. I love vintage anyway, but I am clamoring fro anything 40's and 50's.

I love this museum! What a trip! You mentioned that you would be sharing more. I look forward to it!


Anonymous said...

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