Friday, October 24, 2008


My favorite family foto for this week is actually a series of photos. They are these darling pictures of two of our grandchildren. They were taken in October, 2007. Nicholas was a week from turning three and Kathryn had just turned five. Nicholas was in his 'make a funny face when the camera comes out phase. Kathryn, as usual was being herself...a little actress aka drama queen.

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splummer said...

My Favorite Family Fotos are posted. If you want to take a look, they are here:
Have a great week-end and Take Care!!


P.S. Your grandchildren are beautiful and look like they are lots of fun with grandma!

Lallee said...

Oh my gosh now cute, Deborah!

jeanne said...

Deborah, they are so adorable in their mice costumes. Great pics with their expression changing. I see what you mean about Kathryn's smile. She was ready for that photo quality smile every time. Nicholas is the oh so typical boy being silly for the camera. We sure do adore our grandchildren don't we?

Thanks for adding me to your list. I still can't figure out what happened to my connection on Thursday. Such is life.

Love, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Deborah, these two are just adorable. I love the series of pictures, and especially love the expressions on their faces.

Thanks for sharing.

Claudie said...

Adorable Deborah.
I would have to dig deep for pictures of my 3. I know they are somewhere downstairs that's why I LOVE digital. They stay right at my fingertips!!!
I'm having a very sad day today. Our beautiful singing canary is very very sick.
We stupidly painted with him in the room. It never crossed our minds to remove him, so up all night holding him near my heart. I'm watching his every breath.(

Grandma Faith said...

I think your grand babies are adorable and they are dressed up in such precious costumes. I am a big fan of Mickey and Minnie. Take care, Faith

Joy said...

They are a darling pair, Deborah!

Rhonda said...

I've never seen such cute, adorable mice! Love the series of pics with their expressions.


g said...


And you're right, she is a little drama queen - and such a pretty one!

The costumes are fantastic.

Montee said...

So cute!