Friday, December 5, 2008

December 3, 1918 - December 6, 2007

Beginning her journey

"When you look into my eyes can you see the youngster I once was?
I was not always the woman before you.
Once I was… a young girl
that you never knew."


As a teen with Daddy when they were dating.

"Into my teens, for teachers I baked cakes and pies.
In singing contests, I won many a prize.
One day while competing, my future was sealed.
A handsome young man by me was thrilled.

He watched from the sidelines at the girl unknown.
He fell in love right there - away he was blown!
Said to his friend, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry!”
He made his plans. He did not tarry.

Once I was…a student - well, I tried to be.
But the boy who had become infatuated with me,
threw rocks at the windows of my classroom.
Wanted me to come out and play, I assumed.

You see, once I was…a teen like you,
falling head over heels with someone who
thought I was beautiful and worth a lot.
Once I was…not ‘old' as you may have thought."


Their wedding day

My beautiful mother with me

"Once I was… a young wife and mother.
I would dress to the nines in high heels and strutted.
I was a dark-haired beauty with energy to spare.
Did not always need this cane and this lift chair."


Mother and Daddy on their 50th wedding anniversary.

"I wish I could again dance and sing
like I did way back then.
I wish I could, because
you could then see, how I once was."


Having fun with two of her sisters

My mother, my confidant, my friend - I miss you so.

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This has been some week...I had to take hubby to the emergency room this past Saturday. He was doubled over with stomach pains. He just came home Wednesday afternoon. All is well and it's so good to have him home!

Do you remember reading last Friday's post about granddaughter Kathryn? Remember that I mentioned that three years ago she had to go to the emergency room for stitches and wouldn't go until she dressed as Dorothy Gale from Kansas?

UPDATE: This Wednesday, she was skipping to her kitchen table ("because she was so happy that she was going to do her homework") and she fell and hit her forehead on a chair. Yes, she had to be taken to the emergency room. Just so happened that she was already dressed in her fairy outfit, complete with big pink wings. That's the way she went to be stitched up this time. The doctor put "magic cream" on her forehead as soon as she got to the hospital so that she felt no pain. She had "magic string" that will disappear soon.


jeanne said...

Hi Deborah, your post today is awesome. Your mother is beautiful in her pictures and your dad is so handsome. They look wonderful on their 50th anniversary. The last photo of your mom is lovely too. Now I know where you got your pretty face. The baby picture of you and your mom is priceless. Your poem is a delight.

Now, how do you stand those emergency room visits? I hope all is well with your dh. I can just see your granddaughter in the emergency room getting stitches with her fairy costume on. There were lots of smiles in the emergency room that night I bet.

Hope your life is more calm now dear Deborah.


Vanilla Lavender said...

Hi Deborah! Wonderful pictures! I really hope your hubby is doing better by now. I'll keep praying for both of you. Love, Vanessa

Joy said...

Deborah, what a poignant and beautiful post you have graced us with.

So glad your granddaughter and husband are doing fine.

claudie said...

Dearest Deborah
What beautiful pictures and memories you have locked in your heart.
Always love reading your words.
Prayers for your DH and Granddaughter.
My Baby turns 20 tomorrow and my third baby turns 16 on Wed. He will be my next Foto Friday for you.
Have a great weekend my friend.
Love Claudie from Canada

Beverly said...

My goodness, you all have had quite a week. I'm glad to read that all are well.

This post about your mother captures everything that is lovely and beautiful about your mother and your love for her. Thanks you for sharing these special feelings with us.

Mary said...

Deborah the year has passed so quickly - and yes, I remember the date because it is my Mother's birthdate. I remember the lovely eulogy for your Mother and everyone there had such sweet things to say about her. WE will always miss them so much but the lovely memories keep us going.

Glad Larry is OK but sorry about Kathryn's accident - hope the "magic string" prevents any scarring. Bet she was the most spectacular patient in the ER!

Take care dear and have a great visit to Roanoke. Missing you and must get together soon!

Teresa Porter said...

What a wonderful story that you have shared with us, along with your photos.

profenretraite said...

I love the pictures of your mother. I miss mine, too. I must say you are cute as a button in your matching coat, hat and muff! Gald your husband is better! And how convenient that your granddaughter was already properly attired for her hospital visit!...Debbie

Toyoki said...

Old pictures are windows into the past. And like you, we should all look there once in a while to remind us where we came from. Thanks for sharing, Deborah!

casch said...

Your story & photos of your Mom brought tears to my eyes. Hope little Kathryn is doing ok and I certainly hope and pray that your hubb is MUCH better!!

Fifi Flowers said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother. LOVE looking at photos of the past!

jeanne said...

Good morning Deborah, I know you have been out of town, but I wanted to say hello anyway. I will be in Raleigh on Friday and I hope we can meet with Mary and Vanessa for lunch. I know this is a busy time so we won't plan any shopping.


Rhonda said...


You look so much like your Mother, such nice pictures and wonderful memories. Hope your hubby is doing ok! I've finally answered your tag, check out my site (I'm slow aren't I?).


Claudie said...

BTW Deborah. My little blue box had a pretty little charm... a pink cupcake. I tried to take a picture for you but the lighting was off. I will try again for Pink Saturday.

claudie said...

Oh one more thing I forgot to tell you. My dear mother was born one year earlier than your beloved mom. She will be 90 in Feb. and she's still of good mind and soul.
I thank God for that.

ann said...


Marites said...

Your post about your parents especially that of your mother is so touching. The old pictures are just so beautiful to see.

I can only imagine that your granddaughter looked so cute in her fairy costume:D inside the ER.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a very heartfelt post...and brought tears to my eyes thinking of my mother who has been gone from me for so very many years.
thank you for sharing those lovely photos.


profenretraite said...

Oh thanks so much for dropping by, Deborah! You understand how it is to do anthing with cats around! Our regards to Miss Callie and Olivia...Debbie