Friday, February 6, 2009

The Secret is in the Sauce:
February Giveaway

The Secret is in the Sauce: February Giveaway: Bedroom Bliss


Claudie said...

What's the secret and what sauce?
I just got home, and I'm getting tired of driving these kids all over the place. That Suburban is very thirsty!!.
I visited Beth on Tablescrape I mean scape Thurs. I'm still confused on that word!! anyway I did love her pictures. Can you imagine having all those grandkids in one place? Holy Cow!
Check out my PS all the way to the bottom.

Claudie said...

Splain with part? the sauce? I didn't know there was a site like that.
The Table-scrape? it's the word they use. I had to look it up.
Remember I'm Canadian.
Have to tell you I can't get enough of that cream. I love it. It does say on it "you decide" well I have decided that I LOVE IT.
I used my mask today. It worked. Nobody bothered me.