Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Those Pictures
Out Of The Attic!

Do you know what happens right here every Friday? We have a family album party! Yep, several of us get our albums from the attic, from under the bed, from the back of the closet, download recent photos from our cameras or get out there and take that special family picture just to share with us on Fridays.

Won't you join us? After you've posted your picture or pictures on YOUR blog, come on back here around 9:00 PM Thursday night and enter your name and your blog's URL address in the place provided. Check out my previous Favorite Family Foto Friday posts to see how we do it. Be sure to invite your friends to my place - we would love to share with them!


Diane said...

Sitting on ready, set and waiting to GO!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE participating in this meme! Thanks so much for letting me take part!

Many hugs..........


Craig Miyamoto said...

I looked and looked, but I can't even find my attic!