Thursday, May 28, 2009

~My Buddy~

Welcome to Friday's Favorite Family Foto!

You met our grandsons Coy and Andrew a couple weeks ago and you've seen many photos of our granddaughter Kathryn. Have you met our grandson Nicholas? He's my buddy and I often call him that, much to his dismay...I think it embarrasses him just a little. But he knows we are best buddies. I take care of Nick while his mommy and daddy work and when he's not in preschool.

This is Nicholas at around seven months old. I had just given him a bath. Look at those eyes!
All our grandchildren have fair complexions and blue eyes...except for Nicholas. You just cannot ignore those big brown eyes.
He's just like his daddy in looks and personality.My Nicholas was the baby and only boy for two years...then along came his baby boy cousin and he wasn't too thrilled about the whole situation. This photo was taken at the hospital the day little Coy was born. Nicholas stayed right with me until he finally fell asleep on my lap. He didn't want Grandma to hold the new baby.

There have been times when we get into a little trouble at Grandma's the time I was on the phone trying to make a doctor's appointment. This is what I found when I finished my phone call. The day before, because he had been so good, he was allowed to choose a treasure from the treasure box at school.
He chose a stamper with blue ink.

Nicholas is four and a half now...and he doesn't let you forget that "half" part. This photo was taken on his fourth birthday. Isn't he handsome?!
...and growing up so quickly!

I'll be sharing more of Nicholas on Friday's to come, because he's my buddy!

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SharDon Exclusives said...

What gorgeous children! Being Grandma is the best time of life. If I had known it would be this much pleasure I would have had the Grandkids first...Bless you as you are "making memories" with them....sharon

Sue said...

I love the "blue", ONLY a boy would do that and smile! Great lookin kids. I've got my second grandbaby due within the week and I cannot EVEN wait!!

Take care,

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I know what you mean about My Buddy, I love all my Grands but Keifer being the oldest and havin sayed with me so much, he is my Buddy. We are extremely close. He is19 now and I just can't get over how fast those years past.
You Budy is siply adorable, those eyes are big and brown.

Blondie's Journal said...

The first think I noticed was Nicholas's big brown eyes!! He is going to be having the girls chasing him all over in about 10 years!!


Diane said...

What a cutie!!! He is just absolutely adorable!!! All the Daddy's around better be locking up their daughters!! ;) He's precious Deb. Thanks so much for letting us enjoy your Buddy!

Warm hugs.......


Keetha said...

Thanks so much for hosting these Friday's Favorite Family Fotos!!! I do so enjoy them.

The blue ink is priceless!!!

Aren't grans THE BEST????

ClassyChassy said...

He still has eyes that 'draw' you to him! Wonderful photos - esp the BLUE one!

jeanne said...

Good morning Deborah, I love your sweet post about Nicholas. He is a very handsome little boy. The blue smile is a hoot. Was he trying to eat that stuff? Big smile. I helped our daughter with her small children too. It creates a huge bond doesn't it? I have missed them and all of our grands since we have moved to NC. You look so pretty in the photo with Nicholas.
He does have beautiful brown eyes.

I am glad Mr. Linky is working today. Enjoy your day.


Claudie said...

Miss Bee, he looks like your buddy. He must take after his grandma with all that funky blue stuff all over his face!!!
Mr. Linky loves you today also...and so do I.
You look beautiful as always.
Love Claudie

Beverly said...

Deborah, he is adorable. I have a grandson that holds my heart, too.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Nicholas is just adorable! My favorite picture is of him in your lap! Those eyes! That look!


Angela said...

Oh, Deborah! Your Buddy sure is a handsome little man! And I can see the all boy in him too!!! hehehe If he is anything like my little man, I feel for you girl!!! Mine keeps me on my toes. I just caught my little 5 yr old boy trying to screw a nail or a hook of some sort into my wall. He is always up to something! Since he came along my house looks like a tornado has blew through my house!


I'm going to try to get my post up soon! sorry it's so late today!

Jenelle said...

Awww...your grandson is so cute! Love the pictures.

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