Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wait, don't leave! It's me, Deborah!

Here's the latest buzz...

As you see from the blog header above, I'm trying something new. ...and as you can see from my blog header...I don't have it right yet! Still working on that - I think I might need some help with it.

I have a 'co-blogger' now - her name is Miss Bee. Miss Bee will be posting on some of her favorite subjects.

Why Miss Bee? My given name, "Deborah", means bee in Hebrew, so I thought it appropriate. I've always been in love with bees. I love that they spread the beauty of flowers. I love how cute they are with pollen all over their little faces and legs. I love how efficient they are - building hives, honeycombs and making scrumptious honey for us humans to delight in. I love the fact that they have their own queen (like Miss Bee) who is pampered and catered to - who wouldn't love that! ...and I've always been a 'royal watcher'.

So, if you will bear - bear?, if you will 'bee' (sorry!) with me while Miss Bee and I tidy up the header and get accustomed to our new name, we would so appreciate y'all's patience. Oops! A little of our honey-child southerness showing there.

We love visitors, so y'all come back and visit Miss Bee's Haven whenever you can.


Keetha Broyles said...

I've changed the name of my blog several times - - - I think your adoring fans will follow you!

claudie said...

Bee right behind you.
Welcome back Miss Bee.
From your honey fan

Sue said...

I love "change"! It helps keep us young!
Take care, Sue

Craig Miyamoto said...

I'm here and I always will "bee."

jeanne said...

Hi Deborah, I love your new name and header. Very cute and appropriate. I need to change my favorites. I love the change. You go girl. Have fun with this Deborah. I think you already are.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

Vanessa said...

The blog is looking great! Love the new layout and evrything! "Bee"autiful!!! xo Vanessa

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