Sunday, December 19, 2010


Many of us are getting snow. For us, it's come earlier than usual this year.
I love the snow. I love staying in my home, cozied up by the fireplace with a good book or a stack of magazines and cookbooks...a cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand while the beautiful flakes fall.

A couple of years ago I got 'hooked' on creating my own snowflakes.
There is a place online were one can do that HERE.
It's pretty additive, but creative and fun.
These are some that I created.

Now here's a snowflake for the books.
This morning we had a brief snow of very large flakes.
I got to the window with my camera and 'caught' this heart-shaped snowflake!

"L O V E"!

No, it's not's just as I captured it with my camera!



Anonymous said...

I am Glad i came across this website.Added to my bookmark!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Wow, Deborah! I'm impressed (1) at your talented clipping, and (2) that you've saved your work. Thanks for sharing with us!

wendy said...

WHAT -- seriously, you caught a heart shaped snow flake. Beautiful.
I think it was my son Matt who just passed away this past NOV 11th. I am sure, it must have been him.
snow flakes are lovely'
I heard there is NO snowflake alike...just like us. Individiual with something wonderful to offer this world.

I am one of Claudies Gals who she invited to her summer extraveganza next summer. Incase you were wondering who in the heck I am.
Just another snowflake out there.
Quite unlike another.
something hopefully to offer this world

like my son Matt

MERRY happy Christmas.

casch said...

As usual I enjoyed perusing your blog. It's always a pleasure!

claudie said...

Oh Miss Bee, Wendy's comment is so darn nice isn't it? She called me last night and had a good cry. See how your snowflake made a difference in our world.
Love You oh so very much.
Merry Christmas to you and Larry and your beautiful family.

High Street Cottage said...

Hi Dear, thank you for your kind comment on my Cookbook and giveaway. Hope you'll join by following and have a chance to win randomly at the highstreet cottage. PS, I adore your blog, love the honeybee theme!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Merry Christmas, Miss Bee! Sending love and best wishes for all the days of Christmas and the New Year to come...


Sheila :-)

Julie said...

Merry Christmas Deborah.. this new year is just around the corner and with that brings us closer to the big adventure. I like how the light plays in our camera lenses. The heart is a delightful surprise. I hope you had a time of rest and that you felt special this Christmas. Love to you and best wishes to your hubbie.