Tuesday, December 7, 2010





This is the last week to vote for Claudette.
Please vote once a day for the next four  days!
         Please see the post below.



claudie said...

Well my whole dang family hasn't stopped, as I know you and yours haven't Miss Bee.
Wait till you see the questions I'm sending out for all of you, your going to laugh your little head off.
I'm off to see my French girlfriend Isabelle today in Quebec. It's bloody cold and windy brrrrrrrrr. Even Pepper comes in to sleep at night with Colt.
Did you find the warming beds for the kitties? Hope so.
Love You and thanks again.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH HOW I LOVE CLAUDIE!! SHe is so beautiful, full of love and energy and has been such a great friend to me....and thank YOU for coming over to visit. Your name is in the POT! And...you know my other fabulous friend, Patricia too? SHE IS SO BLESSED WITH TALENT THAT IS BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING!!!

May you have a magnificent day! Anita