Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CONTEST - Please vote!

Many of you here know Claudie with the beautiful white hair of Bubblin' Over. She is a treasure in the blogging world and she's a real friend to many of us. I count her as my friend, because she's a delightfully funny lady with a warm heart who cares for people and fur-babies alike.

Please take a minute out of each day through December 10 to vote for her. Among other wonderful prizes, she could win $1000 to help with animal rescues in Ottawa, Canada.

We're trying to get her in the top five, at least. I have ninety-nine followers. If each of my followers would vote, Claudette, myself and the fur babies of Ottawa would sooo appreciate your help.

Won't you PLEASE take a minute out of the next few days to vote for her HERE:


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Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Miss Bee~ Thank you kindly for visiting me and for been a part of my giveaway. Warm hugs, Pat

Rebecca said...

Just went in and voted-anything to help animals!

Blondie's Journal said...

I'll be happy to vote. Thanks for spreading the word!


Claudie said...

Oh my word!! Isn't that what you say Miss Bee? It's coming out of my mouth with a French accent...can you hear me???
I never thought I would be part of "THE" White Wednesday. How cool is that?
Happy ww Miss Bee & all the great lady's out there.
Love you
Love me

The Shanty Girl said...

I just voted, Good luck!

claudie said...

Your welcome my dear sweet Bee friend.
Lovely talking on the tele today. LOVE YOU