Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tea Time!

Headed south? Florida bound? Have you been to Mount Dora, Florida? I would like to recommend Mount Dora as a delightful destination.

A small town, but full of charm and history, Mount Dora sits lakeside and rises to an elevation of around 180 feet...a virtual 'mountain' in Florida.

I discovered Mount Dora on a recent trip to visit my cousin in Orlando. She took me on a forty-five minute trip to this lovely village.

Only four days later, while on business with my husand in Daytona Beach, I revisited Mount Dora with two friends while our husbands were attending their meetings.

I love this little town. My favorite time there was spent in
The Garden Gate Tea Room.
Take a look at these images of The Garden Gate Tea Room ... you'll want to go!

This comfy, cozy little area was layered with quilts and pillows and
was the first room we stepped into as we headed for our table.

As we walked through one of the eating areas, we passed this beautiful
little nook decorated with victorian dresses.
You can see my friend, Nancy's, reflection in the mirror.

We saw shelves and corner cabinets filled with china along the way.

If you didn't come decked out in a hat for tea, you could borrow one here.

This is the heavenly mantel and mirror that greeted us in the room we had tea in.

Tiny lighted bulbs lit up the tea room like stars.

Look at this magnificent hutch!

What a divine piano!

What did we eat, you say?
I began with a glass of iced pomegranate-hibiscus tea...
the glass rim sparkled with sugar.
I think I had three glasses!

Nancy and Glenda had peach tea.

Nancy and Glenda ordered the Rosemary Chicken Pie.

I had a bite and it was scrumptious!

I ordered the Spinach Quiche. It was adorned with a pastry heart. Excellent!

For dessert, Glenda and I shared the cream puff swan...delicious!

Nancy had this pumpkin mousse dessert. Now, Glenda and I don't care for pumpkin, but we mustered up the courage to taste it and
we were really very pleasantly was wonderful!

After our tea/lunch we visited another part of The Garden Gate Tea Room.

Just look at this!

Around this room hung lovely poofy dresses.

Deborah, Nancy and Glenda

Thanks for coming along with us. We loved The Garden Gate Tea Room and
Mount Dora and we're already planning to go back!

We know you will love it, too!


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Cozy Home Scenes said...

That looks like a truly lovely place. No wonder you had so much fun. Sadly, the tea room in my town went out of business a few years ago. There is one in the next town I like to go to though, but it isn't anything magical like that one seems to be. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Deborah! This looks like such a lovely place and such a fun time! I have been to Mt. Dora several times, and I find it charming. Have been to a tea room there, but this... this is just divine! Thanks for this recommendation. It makes me want to go SOON!

Thank you, too, for your very sweet comments on the roast. I really don't like talking about myself so I did a lot of fancy sidestepping before I finally sent it to Eddie, but I hope I didn't sound like a complete goober pea. LOL!

Love to you...


Sheila :-)

Craig Miyamoto said...

What a great discovery and beautiful little adventure!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I love visiting tea rooms. Thanks or the tour. Sounds like a wonderful day!!

Terry said...

A place to take pause around every corner. This would be relaxing for me and such eye candy to behold. Thanks for sharing. Terry

JEANNE said...

Hi Deborah, I LOVE Mt. Dora, We lived about 45 minutes from there in Florida. Your photos tell your story of a wonderful time there.

I wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Blessings and love,
PS, I would never give up on you my sweet friend. I so know how hard it is it keep up with blogging and visiting.

Anonymous said...
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Claudie said...

Yes you are LOVED... Your last post, how did I miss it? The pink pearls are lovely, and I'm sooo glad you won them.
Now are those "poofy" dresses for sale? I'm looking for a kind of "poofy prom dress" for the wedding in Jan. We are going to Mexico and I want something smashing.
I've never been to Mt. Dora, but I could live them in a heart beat. Did you buy anything? or just enjoy all the yummy treats?
Thank you for putting me on "the side". I'm 13th right now. I started a little late, but I'm hoping that everyone will NOT stop voting.
Love You sooooo much
Love Me

Nancy said...

What a dreamy, beautiful place to have tea with friends. Everything is just stunning from the delicious looking food to the romantic decor. What a treat!
That ice tea you had looks, and sounds, soooooo good!