Monday, November 15, 2010


I am do I know? Because April told me so.

She sent a pretty little package to me that said "I love you" in so many ways.

First, her giveaway brought attention to
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
That's love.

As you see, I won her giveaway. The pretty pink bag from Hertzburg Diamonds was stuffed with tissue gift paper that announced "I am loved".

Inside that bag was a pink velvety pouch with the words "love, help and hope"

This little pouch held a beautful pink pearl bracelet with a silver breast cancer awareness charm.

Isn't it beautiful?!!

And what else?

Ten little pin on buttons proclaiming "I am loved"!

Thank you, April. I truly felt the love!

Please take a few minutes to visit with sweet
April and her family
...and give her my love.



Rebecca said...

Congrats! I love the pink bracelet. Very pretty! :)

Blondie's Journal said...

What a lot of pink loveliness! :-)


Abramyan Avenue said...

I'm so happy you love it!! I love your pictures!!! I hope you enjoy your bracelet!

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Looks like you won a great gift! I love pink and your new pinks are very pretty. Also, a special thanks for adding my giveaway to your side bar. I did count this as your second entry. :)

Sherrie said...

Congratulations. I secretly really wanted to win that bracelet. I kept hinting around to April. (Just kidding) I'm glad that someone nice was the winner.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is some major cuteness, Miss Bee! Love it all, and that teapot is one of the cutest ever. :-)

I am going to have to spank you when I see you in Canada for dancing in the St. Augustine fountain without dropping by to see us! Do you realize you were only about six blocks or so from our house??? Shame on you! LOL! If you ever come back, you better come see me, or I will pout.


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Miss Bee... you are forgiven only if you promise to visit next time. You can park in our driveway and walk all over downtown. Plus, I know where all the good shops are! LOL!


Sheila :-)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Awww, now how lovely is that!

JEANNE said...

Hi Deborah, I took a chance and buzzed over to see if you were back from your trip. Hooray, you are and with the sweetest post. April's gifts are so full of LOVE and awesome things. I love that teapot and I love you too. And I miss you much. I'm glad you are back.
Love, Jeanne

JEANNE said...

I'm back to tell you your blog looks beeeeeautiful!!! I love the roses and the whole look of it all. It has probably been like this and I just missed the beauty of it all. Smile.
Love you, Jeanne