Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Around The House

My Paris 'Bunny Hutch' filled with some pretties.

Had to have this as I love birds and this reminds me so of a flock of little Parisian birds I saw lined up along a hedge-fence in a park in Paris. My Ring of Sparrows 'bowl'...I put votives in it.

This sits in our eating area behind the kitchen island. The little ladies are part of my collection that you can see in the sidebar "Flickr" section.

I love birds, so I love birdhouses also...this is one of my favorite ones.

A black painted chest that I found in a consignment shop. Oh yes!...another chair I found in Roanoke. It's a chair and a half that two people or three kids can sit in. I love to lie across it, usually falling asleep.


Andrea said...

Deborah, I just knew you were a great decorator, but how very shabby chic your home is! Thanks for the little us more!!!
Your friend in Florida...Andrea

Melba said...

Hi Deborah1 What wonderful pictures you share here!

You asked about badges.

The code for my badge is
on the post where you commented . (I tried to put in here, but blogger blocked it)
I don't really know how to insert a badge on a blogger account because I use typepad. I would ask someone with a blogger account how they did it. Or I know blogger has a knowledge section that might explain it.

Because I have typepad the process for making a badge is different. I know people make badges though photo bucket and flickr. You chose your image and then asscoaite the link you want to go to it.

I am sorry I can't be of more help.
If you are struggling with it email me and I will try to find out through some blogging friends.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what an awesome job you've done! I love EVERYTHING.