Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What is it about Autumn?

What is it about Autumn
that makes me want to
open a favorite book,
cuddle under an old quilt
with a cup of Darjeeling tea
on a cool crisp evening,
bake a caramel cake,
trample through the woods
crunching maple leaves loosened from their hold,
listen as geese make their way
to their wintering grounds,
bite into a crisp tart Granny Smith apple,
browse blue ribbon preserves at the state fair,
sip on an oaky white wine,
gather mums of bronze, red and yellow,
go back home to
West Virginia to see the mountains in all their glory.

Autumn makes me happy!


Mary said...

Well I had no idea you are a West Virginia gal Deborah! Looking forward to learning more about you at lunch this Friday, ha! ha!

All these Autumn thoughts are so lovely - such a great season for me as I was born in October and love everything this season brings.

Utah Grammie said...

Hey DC- thanks for the nice comment on my little blog! Love your tea cups! A young girl at my work was so proud to have obtained a red-paisley cup & saucer! See, the young are appreciating tea cups too.

The picture you paint with your Autumn words is perfect - I can taste, hear and feel it all. Thanks for sharing-

Amy said...

Autumn is my favourite season - I love the pretty colours :-)

Vicki said...

Hi Deborah,
I found out about you through Mary`s blog!!I want to meet up with Mary,you and another Raleigh blogger{Becky`s Carolina Journal] soon.
Fall is my favorite time of year too,I was born in October.
Looking forward to reading your blog every day!!