Friday, November 21, 2008

~Beautiful Eleanor~

I want to share this photo of my grandmother Eleanor. She was the daughter of the gentleman in an earlier Friday's Favorite Family Foto. She was the fifth child born to my great grandparents who had come from County Durham, England, around 1882...the first of their children to be born in America in 1887.

I believe this photo was made around 1910 in Overland, North Dakota. The first children born to her were twins - a boy and a girl. The little girl died at a few months old. I believe this is one of the twins, although I don't know whether it's the boy or girl. Among the eight children she had, there were two other sets of twins - my father, one of those twins.

Ella, as she was called, was the wife of a Kentucky/West Virginia coalminer. She suffered with asthma most of her life and lived to be only sixty-three. I was only five at the time she died. I remember her having long white hair. When I visited, we would set on her porch and I would brush her hair. It's such a vivid memory of mine.

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Jan and Tom's Place said...

Eleanor was beautiful!! Thanks for sharing her photo and story.

Claudie said...

Oh someone beat me to it. I confess I have insomnia so had to get up again it's now 4:45AM oh boy!!
Your great grandma is beautiful and to leave at such a young age but, mostly so many twins!!. They made our grandparents strong in those days didn't they Deborah?. I can't imagine what it was like.
Thanks for all the sweet comments. The only thing I can think of about the page loading is the song, which sometimes takes a while but , I had to put it in for it suited my boy Riley.
Hugs from way over here, way too early!!

splummer said...

Eleanor is a beautiful woman! Thanks for sharing her story with us. My favorite foto is posted. Take Care!!


Dawn said...

That's a beautiful photo. What a sweet memory of Eleanor you have. Oh, how sad it must have been for her to loose her child.

Thank you for sharing.

take care,

Alice said...

She looks so beautiful and young in her picture. Life must have worn her out. I loved reading your memories of her.

Jeanne said...

Deborah, I am up and posted now. I was late today. sigh. Ella is beautiful and I love her story. Back then asthma was not treated very well. Now she would have had a chance of a longer life.

Hugs ...Jeanne

Vanilla Lavender said...

great picture of you Grandma! Love it!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs, Vanessa

Joy said...

Oh Deborah, Eleanor was so beautiful. I loved reading her story too. It's so valuable to have so much information on one's ancestors.

Toyoki said...

I love old pictures of our families. They serve as a constant reminder of those who paved the way for us.

Montee said...

What a beautiful woman! My maternal grandmother's name was Eloise and everyone called her Ella. My paternal grandmother had long white hair like your grandmother. It was beautiful and silky. She wore it up in a chignon and every night let it out to brush it.

Rhonda said...

Your grandmother was a beautiful woman, can't imagine having 3 sets of twins! I think I can see a family resemblence.
Your cuz,

Utah Grammie said...

My what a beauty! And "timeless"..