Friday, January 16, 2009

~At the Grave~

I am posting pictures today of a gravesite in Boone County, West Virginia - that of my great-grandfather who died in July of 1926. I find these photos interesting because they show the sadness and empty emotions of those by the grave.

In this photo are my great aunt and uncle, my Sicilian foster uncle who lived with our family for over fifty years, my grandmother holding her youngest boy who died a couple years later, cousins of my father, my father's twin brother, my grandfather and a great aunt. The two children on the far left are twins born to my grandparents. Remember that she had three sets of twins.

The children seem to realize the somberness of this occasion even though they don't understand what it's all about at their tender ages.

It has been said, by aunts and uncles, that

my great-grandfather died of a broken heart.

He died just three months after the passing of my great-grandmother.

Heirlooms by Amy Grant

"Up in the attic,
Down on my knees.
Lifetimes of boxes,
Timeless to me.
Letters and photographs,
Yellowed with years,
Some bringing laughter,
Some bringing tears.
Time never changes,
The memories, the faces
Of loved ones, who bring to me,
All that I come from,
And all that I live for,
And all that Im going to be.
My precious family
Is more than an heirloom to me."

There are other family photos posted by my friends today.

They would welcome you visits and comments about their photos.

Click on each name below and

you will most certainly enjoy their family pictures.


Teresa Porter said...

Though the occasion was somber, your photos really are special. Thanks for sharing them with us.


splummer said...

Wonderful photos! They look really good to be as old as they are!! Very precious photos! Mine is posted. Have a great day!


Angela said...

Hi Deborah!
The flowers in the pictures were lovely. I can understand why they would be heart broken after reading about two deaths within 3 months.
I'm not sure if you received my email or not but I posted my Friday's Favorite Family Foto last night.
Have a great day! We are having a chilly 6 degrees as I write. Schools are out also.
Keep warm,

Joy said...

Wow, just three months later he passes away - I would agree that constitutes a broken heart.

Quite a profound image you have presented us with today, Deborah. Thank you.

jeanne said...

Hi Deborah, I have been down due to a power outage for a few hours and we are finally up. I could not connect to anyone. Grrrrr. Our house was so cold.

Those photos are just amazing that they have survived all these. I loved the children. How sad for your GG grandfather to die in such a time of grieving for his wife. My great grandparents died within in days of each other too. I enjoyed the history of your family very much.

Have a wonderful weekend Deborah. Are you as cold as we are up here?
Brrrrr. 7 degrees.


claudie said...

Hello Dear Bee
I'm really going through withdrawals with you. Are you laying low? I should have my computer by tonight, I hope. I miss everyone & I miss PINK SATURDAY can you imagine that??
On your Foto's... how sad but how lovely the flowers. That's what caught my eye.
To die of a broken heart, now that would be so so sad.
Your pictures are always so interesting Bee.
Love and Miss you

Kim said...

What stunning photos. I am descendent of the Boone family and probably have relatives buried in the same cemetary. What special pictures you have and I can't believe 3 sets of twins! Wow! That would have been daunting back then.

Montee said...

These photos really do show the emotions that your family is feeling. Great pictures!

ann said...

I have seen that happen so many times.When couples are truly in love,one dies,the other follows.As a matter of fact,it just happened to my daughter in laws parents.She was sick for years.She died,he followed.We guessed he would,and he did.So sad...Ann

Beverly said...

Deborah, I have rarely seen pictures that were made at a funeral during this time period. What a blessing that you have these.

So much can be told when you look at pictures of groups. Thank you for sharing these with me.

Jenny S said...

Even though it is a sad reason it is nice to have pictures of all those family members together. Check my blog for a great family photo today even though I have not added myself to your list yet! Too many things going on!!

Montee said...

Deborah, I have been told by many people that I look like my grandmother. When I compare her pictures with mine and with Britnee's, it's kind of creepy. I really don't mind being compared to her. It's quite a compliment. Have a wonderful weekend!