Friday, January 30, 2009

Pretty Boy

This is my maternal grandfather with his Pretty Boy.

I would love for you to read the story with the picture. Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

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claudie said...

Good Evening Miss Bee.
I promise I will read the clipping in the morning, well early afternoon how's that? It sounds fascinating.
Went shopping and sure scored some great goodies. I'm going to try and go to bed. My head is swirling.
Hope you had a great day with the grands.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Oh, my goodness! I have never heard of such a thing! Do you remember Pretty Boy? I have birds say one or two words, but this is unbelievable! I have a funny feeling your Grandfather may have been a character! Is that right?
Thanks for sharing that amazing article!


Beverly said...

Deborah, I love this. Wow, amazing! You have been blessed with a wonderful family. And, I love that you share them with us.

About my complexion, you are right. I am very fair with pink undertones.

April said...

Didn't I tell you last week that I wanted to particpate in Family Photos Friday? Well...I forgot all about it! I'm going to have to put a post-it-note on my computer to remind myself or something! Do I just leave you a comment on your blog next week so that you can include my name?

What an interesting story about your grandfather and his bird! Loved it!

Teresa Porter said...

How sweet is that!



That was one smart bird!! What a wonderful article on your Grandfather. Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

What a charming article and story. What became of Pretty Boy, like, how long did he live? I don't really know much about birds. He surely gave your grandparents lots of entertainment! :o)

jeanne said...

Deborah, I enlarged the photo and read the article. Pretty Boy is a smart little bird. We once had a smart parakeet like that and his name was Perky. He would holler my name every morning to wake me up for school. It is obvious the rest of my siblings were able to get up without prompting from Perky. LOL. He would sit on our shoulders while we were eating and order us to pass the butter or potatoes etc. When he died our entire neighborhood came to the funeral. He was a well loved bird. I didn't mean to go on but your photo sure sparked a memory. Smile.

I sure enjoyed your foto post today.


splummer said...

Hi Debra,
Wonderful story and photo of you grandfather. That was an amazing bird. Mine is posted. Have a great day!!


ann said...

Oh Deborah,you KNOW this is right up my alley.How special he is.I love this.I forgot to look and see how long ago this was.I'm wondering if they're still with us.I'll look when i go back.Great-------post today...Ann

Claudie said...

Ok now that is impressive My grandma had a budgie and he did talk I remember that, but mostly squawked.
My Uncle (who had no children) spent many hours like your Grandad and his bird talked and talked but nothing like Pretty Bird"
How's your day going?
I'm up that's a good thing!!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh how sweet..I love the story too
I love birds and Pretty Boy must
be is grandpa

fondly, deena

Mary said...

I read the article and it was such fun. I had two parakeets (we actually called them 'budgies' in the UK) and loved them - except for cleaning the cage!!

Hugs - Mary.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Deborah,
That is a great article and photograph.

Thanks for hosting!

Rhonda said...

What a nice picture of your grandfather (and his parrot of course).


lorhen82 said...

What a great article and photo! Sorry I was so late getting my post up tonight. ~Lori

CC said...

Thanks for sharing that sweet article. Pretty Boy is amazing and I betcha your grandfather was just as amazing..

Diane said...

The article is such a treasure! Thank you for sharing it! ♥ Diane

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Amazing. Thanks for sharing.