Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Cactus

This stunning blossom is on a Christmas Cactus that was my mother's.
She had this plant for a few years and it never bloomed...
that is, until 2007 - the year she died.
I brought the plant home with me and it bloomed again in 2008.
This week it began to bloom again and it makes me so happy to see it.
Christmas Cactus are not easy bloomers.
It takes some care to get them to bloom

This schedule can help your plant live a long life:

January - Flowering.
February to March - Resting (55 degrees, infrequent watering).
April to May - Water thoroughly when potting mix begins to dry out.
June to August - Place outdoors in a shady spot.
September to October - Plant prepares to flower. Reduce length daylight hours. Keep on the dry side and cool (55 to 60 degrees F) until flower buds form. Then increase water and temperature.
November to December - Flowering. Water normally. Temperature no less than 55 degrees F.



Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Deborah,
I love Christmas cactus!

I'm having a pink giveaway so drop by!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is a lovely pink cactus! It is such a pretty shade of pink.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)

Riet said...

I love your Christmas Cactus. You did take good care of it. Happy pink Saturday

CC said...

I love the cactus. I have one I have pampered along hoping it will far, nothing.But I have hope..:). Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely day.

vintagewindow said...

Oh' so pretty. Phil has a Christmas Cactus. They are so lovely when in bloom.

Happy PS



I love christmas cactus...especially the pink ones! And I am so sure the blooms are showing you Mom is with you...Happy Pink Saturday!

Jenny S said...

I have one that is a cutting from my grandmothers! I have not had it bloom, but my mom's has!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Thanks for the tutorial...and what a wonderful way to remember your mother. :)Nancy

bj said...

Such a pretty cactus..
thanks for sharing..

JudyBug said...

What beautiful blooms. I lost mine this year after having it for years. Thanks for sharing your's!

Teresa Porter said...

Hi Deborah,

That is a gorgeous flower. One day when I am more organized, I am going to have to get one of those. I have a crown of thorns that was my grandmothers, which I have had since she passed away, about 12 years ago, and I treasure it. I take cuttings and give new plants to other family members.

Have a great weekend

Staffordshire Garden said...

So very lovely to see something in bloom (here in snow and ice). It is very beautiful. Happy pink Saturday to you.


Joy said...

It bloomed like a little present from God in honor of your mom.

Mimi said...

I love it. What a great pick for Pink Saturday! You are so lucky to have one of these blooming in your home.

Sarah Bella's said...

I love pink flowers...beautiful

g said...

I love Christmas cacti but its been years since I've grown one. Thank you for the growing guide, that might make it easier!

Have a great Pink Saturday!

Sondra Behne' said...

thanks for the heads up on the care...I seem to kill all house plants..but have a green thumb when it comes to outside.

Lana said...

Lovely story about your mom's cactus blooming in her memory. Wonderful bright shade of pink, too. My Christmas cactus begins to bloom at Thanksgiving. It would look a lot better if my kitties would leave it alone. LOL

Blessings, Lana

Claudie said...

You have your mom right next to you. She's blooming just for you dear Miss Bee. They do things just to keep you on your toes.
Are you out of the closet yet? Can you come out and play soon? This friend misses you.
Love Claudie from the new "BUBBLIN' OVER

Virginia said...

Hi Deborah,
OH!!The miracle of the spirit, what a beautiful sign that your Mom is with you...

Beverly said...

Your mother must be smiling looking down on you and those blooms. They are beautiful.

Happy Pink Saturday, Deborah.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you. The flower is gorgeous. Christmas cactus's are easily rooted. Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Rosemarie

Lynda said...

Happy 'Pink Saturday'!

I love the blooming cactus, whether it be Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving! Thank you for the lovely photos, Deborah!

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

That's a very special Christmas cactus.

debbie said...


April said...

Stunning, Deborah! My mom had a red one and it was always so pretty!

Blondie's Journal said...

Deborah...what a sweet post for PS. It is ironic when it chose to bloom. You are probably taking very good care of it & it is sooo pretty!! :-)

Happy PS!!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Wow, a pink cactus!

Happy PINK Saturday!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

jeanne said...

Deborah, that is a beautiful bloom. A pretty shade of pink too. I had a Christmas Cactus that always bloomed in January when I lived in Fl. My Cactus bloomed in November here in NC.
Thank you for the tips on how to care for them. I didn't know anything about caring for a Christmas cactus.

Wow, it's late so I'll say goodnight.

Love and hugs...Jeanne

Deanna said...

Hi Deborah!
That is a lovely cactus flower. Thanks for the tips on how to care for...I actually have a friend that killed her cactus plant. Never thought such a thing was possible! LOL!

Deanna :)

My Artful Heart said...

Very pretty cactus :)

Happy pink day and weekend.


Loretta said...

I love these plants! Do the directions really, really work? My poor plants always die, after blooming. Sigh. Happy Pink Day!

jeanne said...

Deborah, I need to let you know I doubt I will participate in Friday's foto day. I will be just coming home from the hospital. I want to but if you send me an e-mail I won't be able to answer.

Love you...Jeanne

Diane said...

This is beautiful! I'm playing catch and Happy Belated PINK Saturday! ♥ Diane

Chatelaine said...

How nice for you to have a living memory from your mom. I had a Christmas cactus for 25 years! They are such pretty plants.

Nice to meet you, my first Pink Saturday.