Sunday, August 26, 2007


I am NOT into reality shows, but decided to watch tonight's installment of American Princess. American Princess is on "We" Sunday evenings at 10:00. A group of chosen young ladies from the States are groomed to be part of high society in England and vie for a royal title...I found it most amusing. Since I love anything 'across the pond' I enjoyed this reality show. I'll most likely watch it again next Sunday.


Mary said...

Hi Deborah - glad you are able to post again.
I was at Goodberrys this weekend too, and yes it was much too hot for an ice cream to survive long. Often stop at that Books-A-Million - we could have bumped into each other, that would have been fun!
Lovely story about visiting your Mom and having your granddaughter along - they always love to see the little ones - we have taken our granddaughter to PA to visit her greatgrandma in assisted living too.
Hope your computer problems are soon over.

Mary said...

Thanks for visiting today and your sweet comments on my special Jasmin.
Ha! ha! I'm the tall redhead in my early sixties too!

Maybe on a cooler day we can meet up with the granddaughters at Goodberry's - that would be fun!

DC said...

Yes!...let's do that!

Lisa said...

Hello deborah! Thank's so much for visiting my blog! I have to say that yours is delightful! I am trying to find the book "At Home With Miss Potter"! I adored that movie and was taken with her and her handsome fiance! I have to agree about the smiling all the while the movie was on! Me too! My husband says I was born in the wrong era! I agree! I also love anything british! I would love to visit there one day! It seems so enchanting to me! Well if it is ok with you I would love to add you to my reads! Have a great weekend! Lisa :)