Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Teacup Collection

My cousin Katherine in Texas sent this teacup to me. It's decorated with ivy and roses and the words "Hope", "Love" and "Faith". She is a genealogy buff and has brought together family members who may have never met. I wrote this little poem for her.

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"A true friend is my cup o’ tea
To my heart she has the key
She holds HOPE for my well being
All things good to me she brings

Her work table is filled with LOVE
giving life to the past we are part of
Like roses and ivy intertwined
she brings together yours and mine

Unlike fine china cups that break
nothing can weaken her strong FAITH
Her thoughts with kindness are brewed
sweetened with caring through and through

She gathers us like tea leaves
Collects flavors of our families
With stories she infuses our lives
She’s my cousin, friend, the tie that binds…

She’s my cup o’ tea"


The books in the photo are "Taking Tea", "The Art of Taking Tea", "Tea Time at the Inn", "English Tea", "Scottish Teatime Recipes", "English Teatime Recipes".



Anonymous said...

I am a teacup/teapot fanatic, so I LOVE this post. What a sweet poem - I bet your sister loves it. I have Taking Tea and The Art of Taking Tea - such wonderful books, and I've read Tea Time At The Inn, which is good too. But my favorite tea book is Time For Tea by Michele Rivers. It is conversation with 13 English Women - and goes into detail about what tea does for them, how they take tea, and recipes of their favorite tea items. It's such a sweet little book filled with beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

I meant your cousin will love it - sorry about that!

Mary said...

You really have some lovely china for serving tea Deborah. Your cousin must have been thrilled with such a personalized poem - what a lovely gift from you.

I'm off now to make a cuppa - we always have afternoon tea with an English biscuit (OK, cookie!) when home - usually Earl Grey or Harrods #16 which is a great afternoon blend. Luckily Harrods has a small shop at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports so whichever one I'm coming back through I can always pick up my tea!! Will stock up in Oct. of course.

Have a fabulous trip to Toronto - another of my favorite cities - my Mother's Father was from there so I always enjoy visiting.

Amy said...

Lovely poem Deborah, I love tea, it's so calming and nice to drink :-)