Wednesday, October 31, 2007


How many of you read Brocante Home? Hands up! ... okay, those of you whose hands are not up, you are missing a delight! Brocante Home is hosted by Alison - a most amazing woman, homemaker and mother in the UK. He blog is fun, colorful, girlie, vintage and creative. Just now, through November 15, she is having a "puttery" competition. Puttery? you say. Not to worry, I didn't know what puttery was either until I began reading Brocante Home. This lady has the most delightful ways to pamper yourself, treat yourself, create a warm, cozy, homey environment, and ways to make your life scrumptious! .... PUTTERY TREATS!

Go over and check out Alison's CHALLENGE. So many of you are creative and have such inspiring ideas for making a snuggy, comfy atmosphere and you are very good at journaling those ideas.

Now, what are you standing there for?! Go over and check it out!! There is a PUTTERY TREATS LIST for you to choose from to post about.
Follow the rules - great gifts! I can't wait to see how you answer ALISON'S CHALLENGE.


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Anonymous said...

ooohh - Me me me!! I read it!! And I entered too!