Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It's been a busy week. Our daughter and grandson came down from Virginia for five days. I had not seen our grandson since his first birthday a month ago. He is walking all over the place!! What fun!

Our granddaughter had her fifth birthday party Saturday - for the family. Another with classmates will be this coming Saturday. Just after her party this past Saturday, her parents left for three days in Las Vegas. She and her soon to be three-year old brother stayed here with us until last night. It was both a blessing and a 'headache' having all three grandkids here together. In spite of my aching back and lack of sleep, I wouldn't trade the time for anything. I adore being a Grandma! Oh!...and last Friday, we took the grandchildren to have their pictures made all together - I even got in a few of the settings with them. Hmmm, not sure that was a good idea. Sunday, we took the three of them to see one of their hour's drive away. It has been a packed week!

Daughter and her husband returned with a box of ETHEL'S Chocolates. She brought a box of Ethel's from another trip to Las Vegas and if this collection is as tasty as the the first box, I'm in for a treat!

They also brought a beautiful little optic glass Aphrodite Vase from the Wynn Hotel where they stayed. These little treasures are cut from thick sheets of glass. A recess for the flower is then drilled out, the edges beveled and the vase is polished to an icy smoothness.

Tonight I have some time just to myself. Husband and our son-in-law are taking in the opening Hurricane's game of the season. As much as I would love to be there, it's good to have a couple hours alone.



Amy said...

mmm yum! I love chocolate! I guess it would be football time there right now? Have you been watching much of the rugby world cup?

Mary said...

Deborah, sounds like you have been keeping busy with the grandchildren! Good to see you back online - have missed you here but thanks for your comments.

Mummmm, the chocs. look so yummy and love the little glass vase - I know how you enjoy crystal.

Busy here - off to SC for that wedding this weekend and then only a week before leaving for England - and so much left to do!

Take care - Mary.

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a lovely time you had with your grandchildren - and those chocolates ...

I've been browsing through your other posts as promised - I'm enjoying!

KJ said...

Hmmm, yummy! These chocolates look scrumptious! Chocolate and I are good friends!


KJ said...

Deborah... (By the way, I grew up on Deborah St. in Long Beach, CA.)

I love the vintage shot of you on the left side of the blog. Very charming!