Monday, March 9, 2009

“Beyond the East the sunrise,
beyond the West the sea,
And the East and West
the wander-thirst that will not let me be.”

Gerald Gould


ClassyChassy said...

Love the picture!

ann said...

I love the pic.
Whew!Thank you !I was afraid I might get "fired"for usung a video instead of a foto.Whew!!!!!!!I am so glad you liked him...Ann

April said...

Hi Deborah~

Just thought I'd leave you a comment, too, to be on the safe side. I would love to participate in Friday's Favorite Family Foto!
Straight From The Heart

Tomarie said...

Hi Deborah,
I would love to participate in Friday's Family Foto. I've got kind of a silly looking family member that I'd like to introduce! :-)
Tomarie's Cabin
Thanks!! Laura

claudie said...

Oh my friend Miss Bee.
You are a true friend indeed. I know you care, and I can feel your love through this screen. I really can.
Yes we are keeping Sheba. That picture of her was taken a few minutes ago. She is IN LOVE with Randy and is starving for love. She has lots here that's for sure.
I have been thinking of you so much can you feel it?? My sister would like me to drive to Fla. with her next week and all I kept thinking of is that we would be driving through N.C. I would certainly want a great big hug from you if it ever happened. I'm not sure if I can go. We would be staying for 2 weeks( in Fla. that is not at your place LOL). The drive is long. I really do not want my sister to drive alone but... I do have a family. I will surely let you know.
Love You