Friday, March 13, 2009

From the Past

This is a picture of my paternal grandfather taken in 1910. I think it's a remarkably clear photo to be 100 years old. This picture was most likely taken in Overland, North Dakota where they lived at that time. Love that bowler hat. Beside him sits my uncle - firstborn to my grandmother and grandfather. He was a twin. His sister died sometime before this photo was taken.

This is the same child, my uncle. The fancy clothes could certainly be worn by a little girl. This photo was on one of those old postcards.

The back of the postcard reads:
"Florence, this is our boy's picture. What do think of him?
He has got a chunk of bread in his mouth, guess you see that and a teddy bear in his hand - (ans?)
Ella & Tom"

Do you appreciate old photos from the past...
or are you more into photos from last week or last year? I know you will find which ever you prefer on one or more of these blogs. Each of these ladies posts great photos and stories each Friday. They have their photo albums open and they are waiting to share them with you. This Friday you will find some new links to follow.
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Blondie's Journal said...


I agree that the photo of your grandfather is in great shape for being so old. You are lucky to have these photos because they can just get lost over the years as so many in my family have.

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!


April said...

Oh, Deborah...I just love your old photos! Like taking a step back in time...hang on tight to them! What a treasure they are!

Thanks for adding my name to the list this week...I'm always happy to participate!

jeanne said...

Morning Deborah, you have the most wonderful photos of your family. I love the vintage photos so much. Your uncle is the cutest thing. Good looks sure do run in your family. Imagine dressing our little boys in dresses and bonnets. LOL. How things have changed since way back then.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

such sweet memories and yes they did dress little boys in clothes cute enough for girls back them.
Thanks for sharing

ClassyChassy said...

Love that bowler hat! You have some great photos there!

ann said...

I love the baby pic and what he's wearing.ha.So precious.And what's with the bread in the mouth?What a personality he MUST have had...Ann

Sherrie said...

Hi Deborah,
Love your old photos!! It's nice that you have these to pass along to your family. Mine is posted. Have a great day!!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Deborah,
Those old pics are priceless aren't they...especially when they have words written on the back of them!

Thanks for hosting,

Angela said...


I just love the old pictures that you keep comming up with. I only wish my family had more old photos from way back then. I think the old pictures are so much more sweeter than the new ones.

Thanks for sharing!

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks Deborah for including me this week and your nice comments! I sincerely appreciate it. I'll try to get all the link stuff worked out! Again, thank you!
Take care, Sue

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Precious little boy! Isn't it funny how they use to dress them like girls? And don't you wish you had that bowler hat? That would be a great family heirloom. Your antique family photo certainly is!


Glad you are Treasure Hunting!

Angela said...

Those are great old photos and how cool to have words written on back!!!

Joy said...

Fantastic photos Deborah. I love the bowler hat. Such a crisp shot.

Isn't it funny how little boys would get so gussied up for potraits back then? He is adorable. :o)

Claudie said...

Ah I do love old photo's Miss Bee. Those are precious. You have such an incredible library of memories.
I'm here to wish you a Happy Foto Friday.
Love You

Dawn said...

That first photo is in wonderful shape for its age.

The second picture is just the cutest thing!!!! How adorable.

take care,

Montee said...

Your uncle looks like a rascal. He's cute!

Sheila T said...

Those are some beautiful old photos. The clothes and the family expressions always get me. I can see my own eyes in some of the ones from my father's family, and there are some family facial features that are clearly passed on down from one generation to another.

Thank you for hosting Friday Family Foto! I have had a great time looking at everyone's pictures.

Tomarie said...

I just love old photos! Something about them just sparks the imagination don't they?! :-) Both of these pics look like they could tell many stories!!
Thanks so much for letting me participate in you FFFF!!:-) Laura

~Tara said...

Barbara you always have such great old photos!! I honestly don't think I have a single one of anyone in my family!! I'm gonna have to ask around- I'd love to find some to scan and share-and have for memories too, of course!!

Why is it that back then they had dresses for little baby boys too?

Anonymous said...