Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A very busy couple of weeks are keeping me from my friends here in Blogland. Having returned from a five day trip to Pennsylvania, I've had only two days to regroup and get ready to take care of some precious children.

They will arrive today!

No, not that many!

I'll be taking care of two little boys - Coy age two and Andrew, ten-months old. Now, that could feel like a whole bunch of little ones. However, just two of our grandsons will be coming from Virginia for six days while Mommy and Daddy take a little vacation of their own.

This will be the first time our two youngest grandchildren have come for a visit without their parents. Am I up for this? Granted, I'm not as young as I once was, but I think I'll be okay with all those diapers and getting up during the night and potty training and fishing toys out of the potty...yes, Daughter tells me that's what the younger one does now - throws his toys in the big 'potty'.

To add to the fun, our other two grandchildren will be here at times. Nicholas, age four, is normally with me two days a week while not at his pre-school and then there is Kathryn, age six - she is tracked out of year round school at this time and will be here while their mommy works.

Soooooo, what can I say? I will miss you all until next week.
I will need to give my undivided attention to these little ones...and I will LOVE IT!

I would like to remind you that many of my friends will be posting their family photos this Friday. Please don't forget them!

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Until next week!
~ and if you don't hear from me then,
I'll be resting!!


Angela said...

Oh my Deborah, 4 kids at once! Wow! Hopefully it will be nice enough outside that they can play in the yard and get all tuckered out and sleep well through the night! My 4 yr old boy is outside right now having the time of his life! Yes, he has a baby sitter! His older sister 11 and our corgi dog Jazz stays by his side!
Have Fun and take lots of pictures. And don't forget to take pictures of all of their big messes that they make to show mommy and daddy when they return! lol

claudie said...

Oh Miss Bee I wish I was a little fly on the wall for the next few days....I would love to see you fishing for those toys lol
I will email you every night just to say Bonjour.
I love you
Ok so now I know your fav song in Senior year!!
Randy has been signing with it for 2 days now. He really sounds like him....yummy

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Oh my, you're going to have a very busy week! Be sure to take lots of vitamins and enjoy!!

Sherrie said...

Hi Deborah,
Sounds like you will be very busy indeed! Enjoy your grandkids!! Have a great week!


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Deborah,
Enjoy your time with the Grand-kids!. I love it when mine come to visit, although I must admit I'm tired out when they leave and then I miss them so!.
I will be looking forward to seeing pictures.
Have a fun and joyous week,