Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Well, Spring of 2009 came in like a lion. Now, wasn't March supposed to go out like a lamb? I think so! However, at our home it went out with a bang! We were outside filling the bird feeders when a ferocious wind blew in and we heard bangs and booms - that's when we lost power - just after dinner. Not quite sure when it came back on. Today we have cooler temperatures, but a lot of sunshine. Tomorrow morning could be down to 32 degrees. Makes me wonder what this Spring will bring.

I usually schedule Friday's post in advance, but, because of our power outage, I'm just posting my family photo for this week.

This fun photo is my maternal grandmother Clara, my granddaddy Kelsey and my great-aunt Helen. It was taken shortly before my grandparents were married in 1917. Only remembering my grandparents when they were 'old' to me, it's hard to think of them having fun and being daring as they are here on a railway coal car.

My friends have posted family photos from their family albums. Spring on over to see what they have to show you!

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Thank you so much for visiting us this Friday.
Come join us!
We would love to see your photos!


ClassyChassy said...

Nice post - love the RR car! Was wondering if you would get your post up, but I still sent people to your site for blogs to check out...I had FAITH in you!

ann said...

I'm with you Deborah.What a young vibrant couple they seem to be.And lovely clothes.I cannot imagine my g.parents as anything but old.But they too,i think,ha,were even childern once.hmmmmmmmmm...Ann

Sue Jackson said...

I love the old vintage RR photo. And I just wanted to tell you "thanks" for including me in Friday Foto's, I enjoy reading all the blogs and seeing all the pix's!
Take care, Sue

Claudie said...

First I have to say I like the "you might like these" boxes on the bottom. Do you do that or is it a blogger thing?
Love your picture Deborah. Can you imagine how dirty they must have been climbing up and down from the RR car?
Have a great weekend Miss Bee and thanks so much for the phone call and sweet Birthday Wishes. I had a fun day.
Love You

Sherrie said...

Love your photo! Seeing old photos is really loads of fun! You get to see into a family that you would never have a chance to see. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!!


p.s. Mine is posted.

Angela said...

Great picture! Glad to hear you have your electric back on! We sure have been having such crazy weather all across the US. Thanks for sharing such a great picture of your family along with the history behind it.

April said...

Super photo, as always, Deborah! I love taking a step back in time!

jeanne said...

Hi Deborah, I have been at therapy all morning and when I came home I have been setting up for a tea party to welcome spring on Sunday at Cielo's. Whew, I am just eating lunch and took a break.

I love the photo of you grandparents and your great Aunt Helen. I guess young folks were daring back then too. Your family photos are awesome. I love to come over on Friday to see your post.

Have a wonderful day and trip with your hubby.


Sheila T said...

I know what you mean about photos of your grandparents when they were young. My mother showed me some recently of them when they were "courting," and I studied them over and over for traces of people I knew later. I think preserving the photos is really important. Thank you for hosting Family Foto Friday for us.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Yep, we seem to think of Moms and Dads as Moms and Dads and not as individuals who have a life before we came along.
Great picture.

Craig Miyamoto said...

Happy first day of spring to you, Deborah!

Short and Sweet said...

Great photo and love the fashions of the day. Hard to believe that our parents or grandparents were ever young and in love! Thanks for hosting this group and thanks for sharing your family photos.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

What a fun picture, it is hard to imagine your grandparents being young (I think my sons have trouble seeing me that way LOL).
Have a great weekend!

Montee said...

I like to look at photos of my grandparents when they were young because it shows that they once were silly and goofy like me. Sometimes they were silly and goofy when they got older, too.

Brenda said...

I followed you from Rhonda's blog, and I'm glad I did! There's nothing I enjoy more than looking at old photos and reading about the past. Great blog!

Joy said...

You never disapoint with your photos, Deborah. :o)

Queen Goob said...

How do we join in on the family photo posts?


~Tara said...

Wow, what a great pic! It is hard to imagine your grandparents being young and fun, right? I have to get on finding some old pics of my family- yours are always so great!

claudie said...

I'm so glad your home Miss Bee.
Now stay put for a while will ya?
Enjoy the kids and get some rest... I think you will need it.
Love You

Mary said...

Great pic Deborah - they look so happy and dressed so elegantly then.
Lately I've seen shocked at the way people dress in public once the weather warms up. A trip to Crabtree was an eye-opener the other evening with the larger members of the population seemingly stripping down to expose much more than necessary. Definitely not pretty!!!

Hope to see you before I leave for home - let me know if you have any free time soon.
Hugs - Mary.

Anonymous said...